British rock legend URIAH HEEP will celebrate 50th Anniversary in the Czech Republic!

 A magnificent celebration will take place in December 2022 in PRAGUE!

It seems incredible, but it is so! The legendary British band URIAH HEEP has been celebrating their 50th Anniversary on the world rock scene! The planned celebrations were thwarted by the Covid-19 virus, so still active "Uriahs" postponed their magnificent celebration to the next year, to the December 2022, when the world is hopefully finally healed, okay, and most importantly full of enthusiasm and joy from live concert shows!

URIAH HEEP have planned this big birthday party for fans in our country a...


Dear friends...

this time it was just. Fortunately, the total destruction of our six-months work did not happen, even though we were decently cut off in terms of capacity and thus profitability. But if we could make at least a thousand rockers happy, it warms our hearts.

We are at a time when nothing is taken for granted and the field of culture has no certainty and events can be banned overnight. And that's really awful. So we appreciate that you are not afraid to buy a ticket yet. You are the biggest supporters of culture in our country! But not the only. In addition to you, it is also the comp...


The Epic Apocalypse Tour featuring EPICA and APOCALYPTICA postponed to 2023.

Once again, symphonic metal titans EPICA are forced to reschedule their co-headline tour with APOCALYPTICA due to the still ongoing restrictions in various countries that make it impossible to plan a 2- month-long tour run across Europe and 17 countries. To ensure the safety of their fans in the crowd, "The Epic Apocalypse Tour" is now postponed to January, February and March of 2023.

A new date for the Czech Republic, BRNO,Vodova Hal lis confirmed! It´s March 24th, 2023!

Previously purchased tickets will remain valid!  

EPICA singer Simone Simons comments...


FREEDOM CALL also arrived last night in ZLÍN, at the WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK,

...and they managed to shoot you an invitation!

Day "D", or more precisely day "WMOR" has come, moreover, accompanied by beautiful winter weather. Already today, at 11:30 we open the gates and at 12:30, the program of the 16th edition of WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK starts in the Datart sports hall. Bands are already coming to ZLÍN. We welcomed the band THE UNITY last night and later in the evening also arrived FREEDOM CALL. And before they went to sleep, they filmed their invitation for you.So let today's rock and metal adventure succeed. We are looking forward to meeting you.


SONATA ARCTICA has canceled its participation in the WINTER MASTER OF ROCK

...due to health reasons! We are editing the program.

Dear fans, we received an unpleasant news a while ago. Singer of SONATA ARCTICA, Tony Kakko is ill. He only got sick today, so instead of going to the airport, he heads to the doctor. The manager of the band assured us that this is not a covid, but simply in the situation in which he is now, he can not fly and play this long-planned show, which he still looked forward to yesterday. We are sorry. We are expecting a medical report about his condition, but it will not change the fact that we will not see the band SONATA ARCTICA at WIN...


THE UNITY arived to ZLÍN! We have a video for you.

The first band which arrived to ZLIN at tomorrow's WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK festival is a group of nice metal guys THE UNITY! This German-Italian melodic-metal band has a great "The Best Of" concert set ready for you tomorrow and can't wait to enjoy it with you!

THE UNITY are sending greetings from ZLÍN, here:



WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK in ZLÍN starts tomorrow! We remind you the festival program

...and we summarize how the festival will be organized.

It is here. The 16th edition of the cooler variant of the popular MASTERS OF ROCK festival, WINTER MASTER OF ROCK will start tomorrow, on Saturday 27th of November at 12:30 in ZLÍN, Datart sports hall. An interesting day full of great music and a unique atmosphere awaits you, and you will enjoy the day with friends and great bands!

The festival will run to meet the new set of conditions of the government. That means the maximum number of fans per event will be 1.000 people. Everyone who holds tickets can be completely c...


WINTER MASTER OF ROCK will take place and KORPIKLAANI invites you once again.

Will they bring us snow from Finland?

WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2021 in ZLÍN, Datart hall, will break out the day after tomorrow, on Saturday 27.11. at 12:30!

The event will take place according to today's newly established government rules, as an event with less then 1.000 people. We will bring you more detailed information tomorrow on the festival's website and Facebook.

The bands are already packing their bags and looking forward to celebrating the rock and metal together with you this Saturday. The singer of the band KORPIKLAANI, Jonne, is sending you another one...


WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK is close! We have a map and other important information for you!

The 16th edition of the winter version of the largest international rock festival in our country, WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK is here in three days. Saturday, November 27th, in ZLÍN, Datart Hall, will belong to everyone who loves rock-metal music and who longs for a relaxing day, for familiar faces and for a great shows, which will take place on stage throughout the whole day. We have a summary of basic information about the festival for you.

WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2021, Saturday, November 27th, ZLÍN, Datart sports hall

Program start: 12:30

Opening hours:Ticket ...


The winter feastl of rock and metal, the WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2021 festival,

will start in ZLÍN this Saturday!

It seems almost like a miracle, in today's strange times, but the 16th edition of the winter version of the largest international rock festival in our country, WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK will take place! Even though this time it will just happen. The Zlín Region will probably go to the lockdown from next Monday… In such conditions, the organization of cultural events is turning into Russian roulette and it is the most risky business of this time.

However, now it still works and after a long time, fans of rock and metal will gather in a well-know...


MAJESTICA postpones their Christmas tour to 2022!

Given the current situation that we all experience and feel, the postponment of the MAJESTICA "The Christmas Carol" Christmas tour to 2022 is perhaps not a big surprise. Christmas will be more silent than we wanted this year, but don't worry, the spirit of Christmas is alive and in a year you will go to it together with the band MAJESTICA on their power-metal sleighs.

On the new dates of the tour we still work, so we will announce a new date for PRAGUE, Storm Club, later. Thank you for your understanding.

The band´s statement: "We are really sorry to bring you these b...


Change on the position of the second headliner of the spring tour of NERVOSA!

The tour stops in March in ZLÍN and in PRAGUE!

Change is life, and the tour of Brazilian death-thrash wild women NERVOSA did not escape either. Their accomplice in the planned "Double The Thrash Tour 2022", the band WARBRINGER had to cancel their participation for health reasons, so the tour was renamed "Double The Metal Tour 2022" and the band WARBRINGER was replaced by heavy metal witches from Switzerland BURNING WITCHES.

The BURNING WITCHES enchanted the world with their latest album "The Witch Of The North", but due to the covid, they could not yet present it live...


AVATAR announces special guests of its "Going Hunting" Tour 2021! In February in BRNO!

AVATAR, the Swedish Dark Heavy metal 'n'roll kings will set out from their fantastic country to conquer the world and hand out passports to their new inhabitants of the AVATAR kingdom on February 2022. The "Going Hunting" Tour will stop 25. 2. 2022 in BRNO, Sono Centrum and the band promises the most beautiful, craziest, funniest and most honest concert you have ever seen.

Today, AVATAR announces its fellows and helpers, otherwise special guests of the tour. It is the well-known American metalcore band VEIL OF MAYA, which is finishing works on a new album, they will shooton you li...


The video invitation to WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK came from the folk-metal band ELVENKING!

Italians ELVENKING undeniably belong among the most important bands in the field of folk metal. Since their start in 1997, their powerful pagan stories have been able to rank them among the world's elite in this musical rank. In the summer of 2019, they released their tenth album called "Reader Of The Runes - Divination" and wanted to conquer the world with it. But… first the singer Damna had to have a surgery, he got over quite a long time and then when the band full of forces finally planned a tour, an uninvited guest came, its name we don't even want to mention… fortunately, the W...


NIGHTWISH postpones their O2 arena Prague concert for 21. 12. 2022!

Dear fans, with a great regrets we have to announce that you will not see the long-planned concert of Finnish symphonic-metal giants NIGHTWISH this year. Until the last moment, we believed that this concert would take place in our country, PRAGUE, O2 arena before Christmas, but unfortunately, the covid situation in Europe and now in our country as well ruined it again. The world is tired of the never-ending struggle with the virus, the people and governments of individual countries are already taking desperate and often incomprehensible steps, constantly changing measures and rules for life...


The second of the headliners, the band SONATA ARCTICA, is sending you their

... video invitation to the WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK! All foreign bands have bought flight tickets and are looking forward to seeing you! The festival will také place! Below we also bring info about entering the festival.

Only one, exclusive, classical metal concert will be performed by Finnish melodic metal heroes SONATA ARCTICA this year, at WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK festival. They had to rescheduled their acoustic tours for the autumn of 2022, but they will play the promised concert for the Czech Republic, ZLÍN, the Datart hall! Not acoustically, but classically, with all the instr...


Return tot the ROCK CASTLE 2021 festival with the band 100 to 100.

Tickets for the 2nd edition of the festival are on sale!

A small, pleasant return to the 1st edition of the international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE, which took place at the end of August in the chateau gardens in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, fits perfectly, especially to these cold, gloomy November days. A participant of the festival, a hard-rock band 100 to 100 shot a nice video there, which we are sending to you now to warm you up a bit. Remember the summer and this nice festival and maybe you can start to look forward to its 2nd edition…

ROCK CASTLE 2022 takes place from 18th ...


ACCEPT announces new dates for "Too Mean To Die" tour!

They will play in ZLÍN in January 2023!

The legendary and indestructible metal matadors ACCEPT have scheduled new dates for the postponed European tour "Too Mean To Die". The tour was rescheduled almost identically, as planned, from 2022 to 2023.

Czech Republic, ZLÍN, hala Datart is on the tour plan 31.1.2023!

So you'll have to wait a little longer for this exceptional music experience, but ACCEPT is already shortening your waiting. As announced earlier, on February 18th, 2022, they will release another limited edition (750 copies worldwide) of the hit album "Too M...


Let´s have a party! At the ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival! With PAIN!

The ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival confirms another big name to its list! Industrial-metal project of Swedish musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer, master Peter Tägtgren - PAIN!

Started as a one-man project with all the vocals, instruments parts, and production made by one person… Well, it still is, but not only. It also became a prominent touring group that today consists of, apart from Peter, his son Sebastian Tägtgren (drums), Jonathan Olsson (bass), and Sebastian Svalland (guitar). Today, there is probably no one who does not know this band. They have 8 well-known and loved...


The European tour of Swedish death-glam-metal sensation DEATHSTARS is postponed to 2023!

Postponments of European tours continue. The coronavirus pandemic still makes impossible to embark on long planned tours.  Increasingly restrictive restrictions, which vary from state to state, make travel so complicated that all that remains is to look for new, more promising concert dates. Even this is not easy at the moment, so the Swedes DEATHSTARS, who postpone their tours for the reasons above, did not find new dates until 2023.

DEATHSTARS will play in PRAGUE, MeetFactory in March 28th, 2023!

So the band has more time to work on their next studio album. With n...


The legendary HOUSE OF LORDS announce the special guests of their tour. In March in ZLÍN!

You already know that the legendary hard rock parade from America, led by master singer James Christian HOUSE OF LORDS, will return to the Czech Republic after many years and present its new, classically melodic and very pleasant album "New World - New Eyes". You also know that this pleasant hard-rock evening awaits you on March 4th, in ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café.

Today, the band announces a special guests of this tour. It's a young German band ALL NINE YARDS. This band was born in 2017 and is built on the pillars of hard rock with the influences of grunge, rock and metal. ...


Anothe videoinvitation for WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK has just arrived, from THE UNITY!

2 weeks left until the winter rock-metal feast in ZLÍN! WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK will break out on Saturday, November 27th, and the Datart hall will once again shake with booming, loud, sharp, heavy melodies, tones and voices throughout the whole day! We are all impatiently cutting the days and hours until the start of this super winter event, including all the performing bands!

It can also be seen on the video invitation sent by the melodic-metal band THE UNITY. It was recorded for you by their Italian singer Gianba Manenti.

THE UNITY will play their "The Best of" live c...


BEAST IN BLACK postpones "Dark Connection Tour" to spring 2022!

The young metal five BEAST IN BLACK announces the postponment of their "Dark Connection Tour" to the spring of 2022. The virus caught its second breath and raged in Europe like crazy, so BEAST IN BLACK had to postpone its planned travel insanity to a later date. Fortunately, not into the very distant future, BEAST IN BLACK will play in ZLÍN on March 19th, 2022, but it will not be realized in the Datart hall, but in the more pleasant Masters of Rock Café club!

So the good thing is that you suddenly have a little more time to prepare and study their hot news "Dark Connection"...


SERIOUS BLACK announces changes of special guests of their tour and presents a new poster!

The "Kings Today Tour" of power metal SERIOUS BLACK is coming soon! They will arrive in PRAGUE, Storm Club on February 11th, 2022.

For health and personal reasons, there are changes on the posts of special guests of the tour, so instead of the originally announced band MAGICAL HEART you can look forward to German hard-rockers GRAY ATTACK, Danish power-metal SEVEN THORNS remain.

GRAY ATTACK has been serving hard and heavy riffs since 2013. Hard and heavy riffs collide with the authentic unrivaled voice of Grey Charlez the “architect of rock”. The band offers a full sound,...


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