Dirkschneider – “Back To The Roots Tour 2016″

When: Back to Calendar 26.03.2016 
Where: Zlín, Masters of Rock Cafe SOLD OUT!
Tyršovo nábř.
760 01 Zlín
Česká republika
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Cost: 30 EUR, price is valid until 1st November

Udo Dirkschneider announces special BACK TO THE ROOTS TOUR 2016!

Last time you will hear from him legendary hits Accept! After this tour, it will never ever sing!

The band U.D.O. It is now a legend, like its founder Udo Dirkschneider. However, they are still very strong and energetic band. Anyone who attended the last concert at the Masters Of Rock, certainly can not deny that the performance UDO it was phenomenal!

But what is really special in a tour for 2016? Origin dates back to the deep past of frontman Udo Dirkschneider. Every good metalhead knows that Udo is the founder of ACCEPT. He made this legend of heavy metal, which at that time to determine the direction a lot of other bands. After the disintegration of the band a frontman formed his band called UDO and transferred to the newly established formation his charisma, style of music and art and fans of Accept.

Since then U.D.O. plays on each concert the biggest hits from the history of the band Accept. But the tour in 2016 will have a thick line! Udo Dirkschneider definitely wants to close the chapter on behalf of ACCEPT. He revealed that next year is preparing a special tour. Here he gives farewell hits such as “Balls to the Wall”, “Metal Heart” and “Princess Of The Dawn”.

“I still enjoy singing the songs, they are still an important part of my work and I still fit, but it is time to close this chapter. About ACCEPT so much of talk that I want to say its last word and give the fans one last chance to see me as one during the concert to sing only those songs,” says Udo.

After this special tour with Udo Dirkschneider wants to play only the formation of the band UDO. Last time, come and listen hits of the era Accept in the most original submissions, because throughout this concert will sound just their songs!

This is a unique and last chance, never to be repeated. Do not miss the last show with hits Accept March 27 in Prague, MeetFactory March 26 in Zlin, Masters Of Rock Cafe and 25 March at Ostrava club Garage. Special guests are commonplace!

Tickets for the price of 30 EUR valid until 1 November, you can buy at www.mastersofrock.cz.