is the most respected arts agency with abundant experience and the most versatile spectrum of activities in the Czech Republic.


  • Export and import of artists and music acts of all genres repertoire;
  • Representing of domestic and foreign artist (performance, guest visits, presenters, MC’s etc.);
  • Cooperation with other arts agencies, festivals, broadcasting corporations in more than 50 countries;
  • Production and promotion of concert, theatrical, musical and other performances;
  • The greatest Czech producer of children’s programs:
  • Represents following artists and their programs: Michal Nesvadba – www.kouzelnaskolka.cz
  • Čechovo prozatímně osvobozené divadlo (Czech´s provisionally liberation theater) – comedies from F.R.Čech: Dívčí váka (Maidens’ War), Na Brusel, Vávro! (Direction Brussels, MR. Vavra!), Pravda o zkáze Titaniku (The Truth about fate of TITANIC)
  • Represents well-known japanese drummers YAMATO shows
  • Represents The Walt Disney Co. live shows – Disney on Ice etc.;  www.disneyonice.cz
  • Executes artistic shows and programs for organizers, cultural centers, town halls, private and public companies – turn-key operations;
  • Organizing of number of festivals in Czech Republic:
  • Masters of Rock – R. Jelinek Distillery area, Vizovice (the most visited and most favorite open-air in CZ. The most prestige hard rock enterprise in Eastern Europe; www.mastersofrock.cz
  • Winter Masters of Rock – Ludek Cajka Ice Arena, Zlin (winter indoor variety of the most popular summer festival); wwww.mastersofrock.cz
  • Metalfest – Lochotin Cirque, Pilsen (metal festival is part of festival series running under the same name in several European countries. It is part of Pilsen – The European Capital of Culture 2015 Project);www.metalfestopenair.cz
  • Wallachian Scenic Summer – Wallachian Natural Museum, Roznov pod Radhostem; www.valasskedivadelnileto.cz
  • Vintage in Vinium – Vinium winery – Velké Pavlovice www.vinohrani-pavlovice.cz (the youngest from festival family organized by Pragokoncert Agency)
  • The most traditional jazz festival in Czech Republic – Jazz International Festival Prague, since 1964; www.jazzfestivalpraha.cz
  • Operates multi-cultural multi-purpose auditorium Masters of Rock Café, Zlin. Since 2005; www.mastersofrockcafe.cz
  • Operates the best known jazz club in Central Europe – Reduta Prague; www.redutajazzclub.cz
  • Runs publishing business in music and theater spheres;
  • Organizes large benefit fund-raiser concerts.