Reduta Jazz Club Prague

Welcome to one of the most interesting cultural centers of Prague’s cultural life!

Reduta Club opened its door for the first time as a small experimental stage at the end of 1957. It soon turned into one of the most spectacular scenes.

At the end of the eighties the club became one of the centers of the “Velvet Revolution” – one of the places influencing new artistic and political culture. The meeting place of personalities of cultural and political scene, a spot of many notable personaes. Even U.S. President Bill Clinton – amateur tenor saxophone player – was actively involved in traditional jam session there in 1994!

Contemporary dramaturgy consciously refers to the tradition while keeps the conventional direction of club’s new projects – to be place for timeless music, a clever humor and intellectual entertainment.

Part of the Reduta Club is also repertory theatre. Currently the theater includes a wide repertoire from quirky theater „Bez zabran“ (Without Scruples) to Minaret children’s theater and especially the unique design of black theater combined with elements of Laterna Magica and dance shows.

Jazz concerts of Czech and foreign jazz musicians resound with Reduta Club almost every night!

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